The technology world is a vast, and shared experience across the globe, filled with projects and news that come out now and then, and technology podcasts are a way of addressing all those updates in the direct and raw manner that people got used to in the past few years. It was in the last five years when the podcasts started to become the new trend on the internet through dedicated software and hardware. And the spread of smartphones made it easier and more accessible for people to tune into one. Technology podcasts often host a certain someone knowledgeable and very in tune with the popular tech news. Hosting a podcast is not an easy task, and it needs a lot of preparation and tools to acquire. Some of the famous podcasts on the internet got so many views and recognition over the past few years that they rival that of television shows and movies.

1. TED talks

TED Talks are a succession of interviews and presentations that inform their viewers about a particular topic. Some of them may involve sensitive and life-changing problem issues, and others have a humorous nature to them. But for the most part, the issues in question are related to science and technology and the impact they have on human lives, and the echo that such conversation may have on a grand stage is just as thought-provoking as it is exciting. The presentations are in the form of concise and impactful talks that bring out an idea that is not discussed and spreading that idea. Many great names went and did a discussion on the TEDxTalks show, such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk, but the central idea is to spread awareness.TED is a brand that is known for many years for that goal, and it is a famous brand that gets a lot of attention because of it. But since it’s the new age of podcasting and streaming era, the presence of a multi-millionaire is not a necessity to run a successful podcast. The thing to start with when doing a podcast is equipment that is necessary for the recording sessions and the platform choice that limits and narrows down the audience that will react to the content and presence on the internet.

2. Podcasting

Doing technology podcasts or even podcasts, in general, requires only a microphone a streaming platform at a base level, but once the podcast gets more and more attention, the requirements start to go up to the expectations of the audience and the improvements done to match the quality. In most cases, the microphones are a considerable part of the process by which the podcast is in effect, and the host introduces a subject that is specific to daily life as a society member. The response is dependent on the listener and the type of point. The most used platforms for podcasts are YouTube and Spotify; in other cases, it is Soundcloud or other independent sources. The most important thing about running a streaming service or having an online presence is the feedback from the audience because it shows that there are people that care about what the content creator puts out. Still, they are going to have to spot the constructive criticism from the unconstructive. As a podcaster, the job is not about reminding the audience of prominent repetitive encounters. Still, it is to dig deeper into the nuances of life and find the moments that are very specific but also happen at a frequent basis for people to relate to.Related: The natural progress of technology evolution

3. Technology podcasts subjects

It is out of the question that technology became a significant element in the advancement of the human race, so it would make sense to have long and detailed talks about the latest news concerning its progress. Certain technology products even have dedicated fans that speculate on the design and the features it would have. And thus, the emergence of technology podcasts in the new era of streaming is foreseeable. So many podcasts speak about the latest tech products that affect everyday life, such as smartphones, computers, and other devices used at home or outside. Other podcasts discuss the validity of speculations about the next line up of technology products that may be a part of human life. Another topic of discussion on technology podcasts is the breakthroughs in science and technology; the kind of breakthroughs that would change human life in the long term, whether it be in medicine, astronomy, or any other field that science and technology influence, it is worth discussing in such a podcast.