Digital Signages and Social Content Ideas

No matter how experienced you have become with the idea of audience engagement by displaying social content on digital signage, it would be best to be on your heels as social content trends keep changing. 

To keep you ahead of the curve in the marketing world, we bring you some of the most engaging social content ideas. These social content ideas have brought desired success to brands & businesses, and you are next in line. Keep on reading!

Brilliant Social Content Ideas For Digital Screens

Social Content ideas are the building blocks of audience engagement through digital screens. 

User-Generated Content

User-generated content has become a revelation in the marketing world in recent times. And why not? It is derived from social media, which has been in people's attention for the last decade. 

User-generated content is social content in the form of texts, images, or videos created by people across multiple social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. 

You can display user-generated content on digital screens in a form of social media wall for events. Through this, one can gain multiple benefits in the form of brand advocacy, word-of-mouth marketing, audience engagement, social proof, a boost in sales & revenue, etc. 

Latest News & Updates

Everyone is linked in this day of technology, and most people want to stay current on events and trendy news. There is a wealth of everyday information that individuals can use if the company prefers to keep people interested rather than necessarily promote its products. You can show market data and statistics for your industry or tune in to every news channel. Display as much daily data as necessary, such as hourly weather updates, to keep it continually moving.

Holiday Lists

Everyone has a right to a break, regardless of their area of work. According to studies, workers perform better when considering a vacation. So why not advertise upcoming holidays on your digital signs screen to make your team happier?

Make a typical weekend announcement or use ticking Christmas holiday countdowns to add some suspense to your office.

Competitions & Contests

When competition is available, inform clients by showing the terms and restrictions. Add a countdown clock to make it more interesting. The competition's success depends on the number of submissions; thus, the more people are aware of it, the better. Display all of your contests if you have more than one. Inform clients that there is a chance to win a special prize or that there will be a sizable sale at the end of the month. 

Competitions can integrate promotional materials so potential customers can benefit from discounts or specials. For example, place the screen on the inside entrance to encourage consumers to enter a store and check out any offers.

Product Catalogs

A digital product catalog is yet another outstanding example of media for in-store digital signs. The use of appealing graphics on life-size screens by merchants to create an immersive experience is a clever technique to cross-sell and upsell their products.

Digital catalogs are incredibly simple to create and maintain. In order to cross-sell products, a retailer can, for instance, display a collage of the same item in various colors or make a mix-and-match recommendation.

Map & Visual Tour

We usually encounter problems and misunderstandings when trying to find a friend's home address or traversing a new location. And yet, we don't always have a physical map with us. That makes it logical, given that maps are now easily accessible on our phones and have been digitalized. 

The transportation sector and city administrations can install roadside kiosks that let the general public view virtual maps with real-time traffic monitoring to improve the situation even further. These maps can also provide an on-demand 360-degree virtual tour of any location, making the experience more interactive.

QR Codes

In contactless communication, QR codes have revolutionized. There was a 26% increase in QR interactions between 2018 and 2019 and a 28% increase in QR reach. These statistics demonstrate an increase in QR code scanning activity. For digital advertising screens, QR codes are a fantastic advertising technique. People desire quicker and better communication as the digital world develops and changes. This is ensured by QR codes, which instantly reveal information about a good or service.

A QR code might direct a potential client to a company's phone number, social media page, landing page, website, a specific good or service, or even a loyalty program. Moreover, QR codes will continue to be bright and clear for scanning during their life period due to the quality of the digital screen. Therefore, this kind of activity can increase your advertising campaign's success.

Wrapping Up!

Give a major boost to your marketing strategy through these social content ideas. Stay trendy in whichever business you are by applying these social content ideas. They are sure to offer you the brilliant benefits we discussed above.